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Tuition Link will be sent after verified registration.

CDE Form will be delivered after a payment is received. 

Online Course, 6 Drives, & Drive Test $375

Our online course will allow students to complete their class portion of driver education from the convenience of their home. Students are required to complete a full 30 hours of class and six 1 hour drives to complete their driver education. Student may complete up to 3 hours of online class per day. Once payment is received the student will receive their CDE form within 48 hours by mailbox drop-off. Students take the CDE form and student credentials to the BMV for the permit test. Once the permit is obtained you may start scheduling drives. Students do not have to finish the class before driving with Top Choice. We provide home pick-up and drop-off at no additional cost. Students may pickup a drivers manual from any BMV.

$200/$175 Payment Plan Available 

Great News! $200 Down will allow you to register for the online course and get your CDE form to take your permit test at the BMV. Top Choice will deliver your form within 24-48 hours. The remaining $175 will need to be paid before your 4th drive.  After registration a text will be sent with a PayPal link. 

 No Show / Cancellation Fee $25

A cancellation fee is charged to students cancelling a drive less than 24 hours before their scheduled drive. The fee must be paid before scheduling an additional drive. Instructors will wait at your home 10 minutes before cancelling the drive.

Refund Policy

Any student that is accepted as a student and receives their CDE form will not be issued a refund unless Top Choice fails to provide the services offered on the website. If a student discontinues the program the BMV will be notified the student is no longer in driver education and the student's permit will be invalid. 

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